Cellular Fine Arts
Diploma Design Thesis Supervision
Cellular Fine Arts
2011 Jun
Thessaloniki, Greece
Prof. Tsinikas, N.; Papadiamantopoulos, V. (supervisors); Diamanti, V & Dalamanga, V. (students)
Design Diploma Thesis - Distinction
This diploma thesis concerns the remodeling of the Thessaloniki International Fair venue with a view to accommodating the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Thessaloniki. The departments of the faculty are currently dispersed and their union will create a cultural core that can be conveniently housed on the above premises.
The plan was divided with a 6x6 grid and was edited based on an algorithm based on Game of Life. Eight colours were chosen which represent four uses and four materials. The system is simplified in a unit of nine boxes, the one in the middle being the most important one. Initially, it conducts a self-check and if it is not locked it checks the colours of its diagonals. If three of them are the same, then the central box assumes that colour. Otherwise, it looks at the one on its right and applies the Use and the Materiality Rules. The programme’s purpose is to determine a solution and to offer more choices. It was devised by our team, exclusively for the purposes of this project. The 13th generation was chosen because of the locations, shapes and routes which were created.
With this proposal the features of the area are not flattened, rather, an advanced perspective of the location is created. The project is organized and codified in the program and expresses an aesthetic that is totally clear in the plan. Parts of this aesthetic are used and adjusted for the organization of the facades.
Buildings are of metal construction with composite plate and bar forks, while the facades are clad with perforated plates with figures extracted from the plan. The rooms placed in the 6x6 grid, are 6m high and include special modifications for the acoustics. They comprise libraries that are assembled together and form the buildings of the university.
Cellular Fine ArtsCellular Fine ArtsCellular Fine ArtsCellular Fine Arts