On Architecture - Facing the Future
"Artificial Life as a Design Partner: Co-Evolution of science and design towards Ecosophy"
On Architecture - Facing the Future
2014 Dec
Belgrade, Serbia
Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
Paper's abstract
Contemporary parametric architectural design tools, are based on object oriented computer programming. Biologists and mathematicians while research for understanding generating and growing processes of biological patterns, are coding stochastic visual models. Software tools utilised by biologists and mathematicians, share the same core structure with the parametric architectural design tools. This study aims to explore potential capacities of co-evolution of architecture and science at this context, and its impact on sciences and built environment.
This study combines knowledge from:
a. historical research on systematic biologically inspired architectural design through Bioconstructivism.
b. contemporary methods of ontological analysis in sciences, as well as stochastic modelling of observations on biological pattern generation and growing examples.
c. understanding of object oriented programming, which is common foundation of all design and scientific tools of stochastic modelling.
Scientific stochastic models are based on the assembly of geometric components, which properties are declared by the designer on their will. Architects' skills on assembly and visualisation of simulating parametric models of artificial life, are critical on the progress of unfinished scientific decoding of biological patterns' generative and growing processes. Architects' behaviour is analogous with such observed on organisms during generation and growing of biological patterns. Through architectural ontological study, biological patterns are organised in a collection of three categories based on differentiations on time and space scale (shapes/ flows/ branches).
Interdisciplinary sympleysis on this basis is capable of deeper understanding of biological patterns' generative and growing processes. Through their contribution in this process, architects cultivate Ecosophy. At this historic context, Ecosophy has a critical role on management of anthropogenic as well as natural environment.

On Architecture - Facing the Future
2nd International Scientific Conference and Exhibition Gallery of Science and Technology, Dure Jaksica 2, Belgrade

The Conference will explore and discuss the complexity and various meanings of Architecture. Interdisciplinary approach is a milestone in defining thematic blocks:
Utopia and Architecture, Challenges in Architecture, Shape in Architecture, Between Utopia and Reality.
These themes will consider substance of architecture through all its dimensions always thinking of it as art and philosophical reflection on architecture. The substance will be discussed through various points, processes and trends that contribute to new aesthetics and functionalism: globalization, new approaches to design, innovative technologies, projects, and materials.

STRAND – Sustainable Urban Society Association
On Architecture - Facing the Future