Kilkis Urban Design Competition
Concept Proposal for Kilkis Municipality public space redesign
Kilkis Urban Design Competition
2007 Jan
Kilkis, Greece
Municipality of Kilkis
Prof. Dr Tentokali, V.; Prof. Dr Vavili, F; Charitos, D.; Kaprinis, S.; Malakasioti, A.; Papadiamantopoulos, V.; Tsironi, M.;
20.000 m2 / 215,000 ft2

Municipality of Kilkis launched a competition asking for the redesigning of public space in between city’s residential area and some educational and academic complexes. Design team’s proposal concept was to create a “boundary” with experience blending capacities. Leading strategy was a dynamic system that deforms in order to accept different populations through time. As a basic principle was declared that the redesigned area has to be able to amplify its programmatic affordances for various types of populations during the day.

The project’s design is based on dynamic systems that transform a manifold surface in order to generate a topology capable of attracting and generating various programmatic acts. Micro-lofting technique controlled the surface in micro scale managing openness as well as local affordances.

Kilkis Urban Design CompetitionKilkis Urban Design CompetitionKilkis Urban Design Competition