"Biologically Inspired Design and Parametric Tools"
"Agile design: towards spatial products with lifelong programatic efficiency"
Fur Garments Retail Store in Rhode's Island Dodecanese
"The 3rd Way of Coffee" quality experience in a Neo-Balkan Mountainous Space
An Apple Under the Appletree
Urban Toddler and Baby Daycare
FurFair Booth Exhibit Design
Kastoria's northern waterfront
An Apple Under the Appletree
Toddler and Baby Daycare
Student Summer Seaside Recreation Area, Master Plan & Beach Cafeteria Design
private professional education institution
Facade Study for Apple Authorised Reseller Certification
a community multipurpose venue for health related events
monastery style back yard surrounding house
Convertible Cafe-Bar Concept Proposal
EXHIBITION | the design and fabrication of innovative forms in a continuum
"f2f-Continuum: a negotiation strategy during the process of materializing the virtual"
Bio inspired facade and Minimalistic pavilion for FuReality's presentation in International Fur Fair of Kastoria
Convertible house allows to enjoy the view either by the fireplace, or from the terrace
Concept Proposal for Larisa Municipality public spaces (4th Place)
Fur factory showroom interior design concept proposal
Concept Proposal for Kilkis Municipality public space redesign