Villa “Zralts”
concept proposal
Villa “Zralts”
2007 Aug
Kastoria, Greece
Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
300 m2 / 3,225 ft2

Single family house located in a Village of Kastorias’ greater area was this project’s subject. This house should be able to host the owner’s couple and their two children, as well as guests. It’s programme included large enough storage spaces and a parking and servicing garage for cars and motorcycles. As the clients were interested in natural materials, wood, stone and ceramic roof was selected for the design. From the very first stages a diagram generated to organise the house’s complex programme, in order to specifically decide spaces and rooms of the house as well as it’s size. A dynamic model simulated the relationships between the different spaces and suggested organisations and forms. This suggestions leaded design to a free form assembly of straight stone walls, wooden floors and ceilings, and ceramic roofs.

Villa “Zralts”Villa “Zralts”Villa “Zralts”