Paediatrician’s Office
combining joy with trust
Paediatrician’s Office
2008 May
Kastoria, Greece
Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
45 m2 / 484 ft2

A Paediatrician’s work space may be a joyful environment for children that simultaneously also projects confidence for their parents. Having this in mind we designed custom details for a hybrid waiting area that was attractive both for children and parents. Moreover, the examination and doctor’s office room due to limited space was designed in detail for best functionality, while preserves friendliness and trust. Children waiting area was specially designed based on curved surfaces that span from wall to floor, providing various affordances from sitting, lying, drawing, reading books, arranging toys, as well as watching animations on screen. This non-standard design needed materials with special properties as cork and detailed construction management.

Paediatrician’s OfficePaediatrician’s OfficePaediatrician’s Office