Single Family House
Convertible house allows to enjoy the view
Single Family House
2009 Feb
Kastoria, Greece
Charitos, D.; Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
150 m2 / 1,613 ft2

We were called for designing a single family house in a Kefalari village of Kastorias greater area. This house should be able to host its single owner, as well as guests. It’s programme included two bedrooms, open common leisure space and a car parking place. As the site was located on a hillside with great view of the lake and city of Kastoria, designers studied specific angles of view that may be framed through the house’s windows. Convertible concept transforms this house to a winter or summer option in order to enjoy these views either from the interior by the fireplace, or from the terrace.

Single Family HouseSingle Family HouseSingle Family House