Cosi Cafe
Convertible Cafe-Bar Concept Proposal
Cosi Cafe
2009 Aug
Kastoria, Greece
Cosi Cafe Inc.
Charitos, D.; Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
200 m2 / 2,150 ft2

Cosi Cafe is a neoclassical house on the lake side road of Kastoria, offering Cafe and Bar services. The largest part of its yard was gradually covered until this structure became a glass and steel addition. After this gradual process of creating the addition Cosi Cafe space needed better quality detailing and spatial organisation in order to effectively perform as a cafe during the day and as a bar during the evening.

The first issue that had to be worked on was the unification of addition’s facades and roof, aiming to generate a landmark effect which will attract either pedestrians that walk on the lakeside or people driving their cars on the lakeside road. Secondly, its interior had to be organised to perform both as a cafe and as a bar without loosing its capacity to enjoy the view of the lake. Raw materials of wood and stone were selected to declare different areas of space, which were also signified by light formations. Furthermore, a custom ribbed hand railing sculpture was designed to effectively perform as an eye catching detail.

Cosi CafeCosi CafeCosi Cafe