Single Family House
monastery style back yard surrounding house
Single Family House
2009 Sep
Kastoria, Greece
Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
400 m2 / 4,300 ft2

This project was designed to house a couple with two kids in the town of Argos Orestiko, in Kastoria. At a side on the edge of a cliff as well as on the edge of the town grid the owners wanted to create quite in privacy accommodation for them as well as quests.

House’s design was decided to be L shaped creating an protected yard, with one section of bedrooms in a row and another one hosting kitchen, dining and living room. Custom detailing was produced for the entrance’s corridor and its skylight. Special research was done in order to decide the best system for the wooden/zinc sheets roof as well as for walls insulation efficiency.

Single Family HouseSingle Family HouseSingle Family House