Blood Donation Clinic
a community multipurpose venue for health related events
Blood Donation Clinic
2010 Apr
Kastoria, Greece
Blood Donation Club of Kastoria
Charitos, D; Papadiamantopoulos, V.; (Interns: Avramidou, M.; Papantoniou, E.;)
580 m2 / 6,235 ft2

Municipality of Kastoria granted the Blood Donation Club of Kastoria a site in order to build a Blood Donation Clinic. This project was part of a donation to the Blood Donation Club from our side as well.

This building’s program was proposed to be organised in such a way that hosts and even generate events of local community such as:

  • The blood donation station may also work as a local first aid clinic, or vaccination office, or as a facility for emergency and disaster.
  • There were designed further office spaces, which may host local clubs that are focusing in health issues.
  • The multipurpose room may host lectures, book presentations or small theatre plays, first aid classes, collecting food and supplies donation during extreme phenomena.

Main concept was an equalised section where the building is acompanied by a subterranean square. On the basement level interior may me expanded to the exterior square, an arrangement that offers a wide programmatic potential. Taking into account local topography and climate conditions, the north, east and south facades were enclosed and protected creating a Landmark in the area, and the west part of the building was custom designed as a multi layer transparency system which control light conditions in the building. A custom algorithm was used for the arrangement of light openings, which represents bloodcells circulation. This pattern had been already tested at "Bio-FuReality" Exhibit Booth and at this case expressively may work as a background for the exterior amphitheater.

Blood Donation ClinicBlood Donation ClinicBlood Donation Clinic