Voreia Cafe
"The 3rd Way of Coffee" quality experience in a Neo-Balkan Mountainous Space
Voreia Cafe
2013 Dec
Kastoria, Greece
Manolis Englezos
Papadiamantopoulos, V.
100 m2 / 1,075 ft2

Program selection and organization, as well as spatial arrangements were strategically decided by analysing the surrounding area of the shop and different visiting populations’ preferences. Marketing decisions were taken having in mind a variety of quality coffee services that fulfil different needs for different potential guests. “Voreia” which stands for Northern in greek suggested a warm and friendly space were guests may have a rest and enjoy speciality coffee.

Main concern were the promotion of “The Third Way of Coffee” philosophy for responsible and careful coffee preparation and consumption. By redefining the roles of working staff, Voreia Cafe offers best quality coffee services. Guests are able to have clear visual contact with the full process of preparation of their coffee or beverage.

Shop’s environment was designed to feel like being at a home kitchen where friends gather. The whole setup is based on modern custom details and furnishing. Kitchen is assembled by custom fabricated furniture such as a monastery style table, cupboards, doors and stools, as well as custom designed tables for the sitting area. Special custom details were designed and fabricated for the sound absorbent ceiling system and the glass and wood translucent wall of the fireplace corner. The transparent facade system lets on the one hand people being familiarised with the shop’s interior even before their entrance as well as guests to enjoy sun rays producing eye pleasing effects while passing through maple leafs.

Authentic materials, ecologically friendly processed with bees’ wax and olive oil balkan monastery techniques offer a friendly and relaxing quality coffee break experience. Moreover, materials selection adds time tracing mechanisms, that preserve each guest's experiences making the shop to mature.

Voreia CafeVoreia CafeVoreia CafeVoreia CafeVoreia CafeVoreia Cafe