To Milo College
An Apple Under the Appletree - Toddler and Baby Daycare
To Milo College
2012 Apr
Kastoria, Greece
Fani Englezou
Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
400 m2 / 4,300 ft2

"To Milo" comes as a shortcut to the Greek expression "An apple under the apple tree", which highlights Principal's notion for this private baby and toddler daycare. Interested in creating a quality space where exceptional services of babies' and toddlers' education would be offered, its owner asked for design and construction permit, project management and licensing for this educational building.

Design process were strictly framed by codes about public health and safety, educational buildings standards, fire-service standards, local building standards as well as the will to create a zero Carbon emitting building. Basic concept were a design that performs in a multi scale in order to be attractive for guest of various ages, and especially children. Windows were the key element of the design, as color and location in space blend various scales.

Spaces are organised as a complex graph based on mandatory relations between spaces as well as minimum dimensions. Custom details were designed in order to fulfil the above mentioned codes' requirements on health and safety. Basically, "To Milo College" encloses three sections of different age populations that have to coexist in safety, working staff, babies and toddlers, as well as parents.

Special arrangements were needed for the relationship between interior and exterior considering children's playtime. An interior sky lighted hall performs as a winter garden as local mountainous climate is not always convenient for playing outside. This space may also host assorted activities for the children as well as educational events such as book presentations and various performances for kids.

Building technology details of the building were based on peak contemporary technology. As the building were to be mainly used during the day, a large surface of solar panels heats water which is used to circulate in the floors and heat the building. On a special occasion were there is no sunshine inverter heat pumps may contribute in the system. Openings were designed in a geometry that allows direct sunlight to enter during winter time, but each window frame cast shadow during the summer months were sun is higher. This building were designed to be zero carbon emitting and also low in electricity consumption.

To Milo CollegeTo Milo CollegeTo Milo CollegeTo Milo CollegeTo Milo CollegeTo Milo CollegeTo Milo College