“Bio Style” FuReality
FurFair Booth Exhibit Design
“Bio Style” FuReality
2009 Apr
Kastoria, Greece
Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
100 m2 / 1,075 ft2

An attractive biologically inspired facade was scripted in order to market FuReality’s contemporary collection. Use of translucent surfaces and special lighting arrangement amplified facade’s effect on the prospective clients. Recyclable material as medium-density fibreboard and translucent paper minimised environmental impact, as well as kept the cost of the ephemeral structure low. Pavilion’s interior was preserved in pure white, highlighting a suspended fur garments’ collection creating an organic in-fur experience.
Design decisions were oriented towards specific marketing and sales strategies based on the profile of FuReality firm.

“Bio Style” FuReality“Bio Style” FuReality“Bio Style” FuReality