FuReality flagstore Rhodes
Fur Garments Retail Store in Rhode's Island Dodecanese
FuReality flagstore Rhodes
2014 Apr
Rhodes, Dodecanese, Greece
Papadiamantopoulos, V.;
190 m2 / 2,043 ft2

FuReality fur garments manufacturer has a network of retail stores and selected resellers around Greece. Their new flagship store in Rhode's Island Dodecanese, had to effectively market FuReality's arrival in this new market and attract potential customers. Located at Rhodes-Lindos highway should signify its location as well as communicate FuReality's philosophy.

As fur garments are sensitive in hot Mediterranean summer sun, all windows had to be covered, an decision that allowed the use of the whole facade as a large scale advertising screen. Illustrative compositions project FuReality's identity and market the brand. These large scale illustrations added landmark qualities to the store.

Interior is based on light quality and design. Dry wall applications, simplified space into four distinctive types. The shop is divided in two long sections, a high ceiling white space and a low ceiling dark area. Moreover, in both sections garments are nested in niche hanger systems, and are highlighted by spotlights at front and wash lights at their background. A fourth type of space arrangement is formed at the end of each long section, as a show space where wall to wall mirrors are highlighted by spot lights as well as wash lights in order to present the high quality of fur and garments.

Store's interior is designed in a theatrical notion. Even if is painted in pure white and dark grey, light design allows illuminating rays to highlight only the fur garments, even without exposing light source position in space. High quality and luxury products such as fur garments may be presented as unique items, and this lighting setup projects this notion in FuReality's flagship store in Rhodes.

FuReality flagstore RhodesFuReality flagstore RhodesFuReality flagstore RhodesFuReality flagstore RhodesFuReality flagstore RhodesFuReality flagstore RhodesFuReality flagstore Rhodes