Larisa Urban Design Competition
Concept Proposal for Larisa Municipality public spaces (4th Place)
Larisa Urban Design Competition
2008 Sep
Larisa, Greece
Municipality of Larisa
Papadiamantopoulos, V.; Sakkas, A.;
60.000 m2 / 645,000 ft2

Municipality of Larisa launched a competition asking for design proposals on occupying a gully connecting a large sports complex area with the river bank. Based on the non submitted Kilkis’ concept, design team aimed for the generation of a system of enclosures as well as open spaces that may host various community activities.

The project’s design is based on dynamic systems that transform a manifold surface in order to generate a topology capable of attracting and generating various programmatic acts. A population of transformed openings projected on this manifold adding on local detail and variation in structure’s porosity.

Larisa Urban Design CompetitionLarisa Urban Design Competition